Profesor Investigador



  1. María Rico-Fernández. Thesis title: “Visual based adaptive methods for monitoring crops in agriculture “. Co-director: Dr. Reyes Ríos-Cabrera.


  1. Pablo A. Martínez-González. Thesis title: “Active localization of a humanoid robot for locomotion and reconstruction tasks”. Co-director: Dr. Gustavo Arechavaleta. 2016.
  2. Dalila Sánchez-Escobedo. Thesis title: “3D face shape prediction using cylindrical coordinates, contours and latent variable-based regression”, 2015.
  3. Felipe Hernández-Rodríguez. Thesis title: “Face shape recovery using extended photometric sampling”, 2013.



  1. Carlos A. Martínez-Miwa. Thesis title: “Humans vs Machines: recognizing previously visited places under challenging environments”.


  1. Carlos E. Garza-Castillo. Thesis title: “Shape-texture coherence for 3D rendering of human faces”. 2017.
  2. Héctor I. Guerrero-Reyes. Thesis title: “Visual based growth monitoring for crops in agriculture”. 2016.
  3. Christian Alejandro Luna-Aguilar. Thesis title: “Incorporating acoustic sensors for the tracking and control of a mobile robot”. Co-director: Dr. América Morales. 2015.
  4. María Rico-Fernández. Thesis title: “Estimating human head orientation using multivariate linear regression”, 2013.
  5. Josafat Delfín-Márquez. Thesis title: “3D object reconstruction using a humanoid robot”. Co-director: Dr. Gustavo Arechavaleta. 2012.
  6. Elier Cruz-Pérez. Thesis title: “Reflectance characterization and transference via extended photometric sampling”, 2012.
  7. Christian A. Ramírez-Bejarano. Thesis title: “Modeling of human walking using multilinear algebra”. Co-director: Dr. Gustavo Arechavaleta. 2011.
  8. Jocelyn Miranda-Hernández. Thesis title: “Face colorization from grayscale images”. Co-diector: Dr. Luz Abril Torres-Méndez.  2011.
  9. Francisco Javier Castro-Martínez. Thesis title: “Object recognition using artificial neural networks, variable illumination and combined visual features”. Co-director: Dr. Ismael López-Juárez. 2011.
  10. Dalila Sánchez-Escobedo. Thesis title: “Face shape prediction from a single image using cylindrical coordinates and regression based on latent variables”. Co-director: Dr. Uwe Kruger. 2011.
  11. Pablo A. Martínez-González. Thesis title: “Incorporation of the light transport constancy constraint into binocular stereo algorithms”, 2010.
  12. Gustavo A. Puerto-Souza. Thesis title: “Using subspace multiple linear regression for 3D face shape prediction”. Graduated from the MSc program in Computer Science, Center for Research in Mathematics. Co-director: Dr. Johan Van Horebeek. 2009
  13. Sergio A. Rosales-Morales. Thesis title: “3D map reconstruction based on statistical visual features”. Co-director: Dr. Luz Abril Torres-Méndez. 2009.
  14. Felipe Hernández Rodríguez. Thesis title: “Robot assisted photometric stereo”. 2008
  15. Ana J. Almazán-Delfín. Thesis title: “Face shape recovery from the zenith angle of the surface normal”. Graduated from the MSc program in Artificial Intelligence, University of Veracruz. Co-director: Dr. Antonio Marín-Hernández. 2008


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